Aunt Betty's Mission

Aunt Betty is dedicated to reducing the burden of student debt taken on to pay for higher education. We help get funds to borrowers most in need.

Who Is Aunt Betty?

Aunt Betty was the great aunt of our founder. As luck would have it, she was raised in an orphanage after losing her parents. In her thirties, she became a single mom. Upon retiring her Social Security check of $125 a month was barely enough to cover food and rent. So she went back to work, at Goodwill Industries. Still, she managed to stuff $20 into each birthday card for her sister’s grandkids. Aunt Betty was generous beyond her means and happier for it.

Our Volunteer Board

Our Board of Directors is responsible for overseeing the strategy, management and finances of The Aunt Betty Fund. The members of our Board have in common a substantial experience in application decisioning, as well as rich family traditions of service to the broader community. Board members do not receive financial remuneration.

Our Programs

Meet Our Team

Rodrigo Santelices

Everett Mccoy

Andrew Zoeller

Adrian Fernandez