Give Help to Those Burdened by Student Debt

The Aunt Betty Fund invites you to help deserving college borrowers who did not get a scholarship (or a large enough scholarship) to avoid having to take out student loans. More than 40 million Americans, including 60% of women who earned bachelor’s degrees, continue paying for their education for 10 or more years after they graduate.

What’s The Difference Between Scholarships and Grants From The Aunt Betty Fund?


Given to a student before or during their college education based on their track record, character, financial need, and potential.


Grants From Aunt Betty

Given to a student after their college education based on their track record, character, financial need and potential.

What Life Choices Do Student Loan Borrowers Defer? Can You Help?

Young adults paying off student loans report they have had to defer some of the most important decisions of their lives: getting married, having a child, buying a home or just a better car, shifting to a different line of work.

A typical college graduate pays $350 a month on student loans. Receiving a grant or gift of $100 a month from The Aunt Betty Fund or our Family & Friends program will typically shave 2 ½ years off the time it takes to pay off their loans.

Make a Tax-Deductible Donation & Help Students In Need

Give to an Aunt Betty Fund program and let our experienced committee select the most deserving applicants. Our signature grant of $100 per month is designed to get maximum mileage out of your donation while offering genuine relief and faster loan paydown to student loan borrowers who have below average income compared to their debt. Our process is similar to most scholarship programs. We look for applicants who have put their college degrees to good use while demonstrating leadership, character, contributions to their community, and financial need. We also feature a grant program for public school teachers, whose work is invaluable yet whose salaries are generally low in comparison to the cost of their education.

Give Help to Someone You Know

Sponsoring or helping to fund a family member (or friend or employee) offers the added satisfaction of strengthening your ties and letting you observe firsthand the impact of your gift. You can fund a one-time or monthly gift or sponsor individuals to encourage other Family & Friends to give, too. However, when the selection of a recipient is made by you, your gift is not tax-deductible.

The Aunt Betty Fund verifies the identity and loan details of recipients and sends your funds directly to the loan servicer, unless you instruct us otherwise.