Ease the Burden
of Student Debt

The Aunt Betty Fund's nonprofit mission is to provide a secure platform for family, friends and donors to help deserving borrowers pay down their student debt

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Help a loved one by sending one-time or recurring monthly funds to help them move on from student debt and begin to conquer life's big goals.

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Give one-time or monthly to help borrowers with demonstrated financial need get out of student debt faster. The Aunt Betty Fund is a federally approved public charity under Section 501(c)(3).

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The Student Debt Problem

Burden on Students After College

The average American who earns a bachelor’s degree takes on $40,000 in debt and pays $350 a month for 10 to 20 years. The result has been a generational postponement of life’s big goals, like getting married, having children, buying a home or car, even launching a start-up.

Impact on Our Economy

The amount of student debt hanging over the U.S. economy is now greater than total credit card debt or total car loans. The financial well-being of 43,000,000 borrowers - and their ability to contribute to the economy by growing families and spending and investing – has been seriously damaged.

Federal Loan Forgiveness Programs

The current Administration has placed emphasis on loan forgiveness programs, but these have been targeted primarily toward low-income borrowers and public sector professionals. Through April 2024, only about 9% of total U.S. student loan balances have been cancelled.

Borrowers Still Need Help

Many student loan borrowers are unlikely ever to benefit from a federal forgiveness program.  Even those who do qualify – particularly those working in the public sector or with low income – will have to continue making loan payments, month after month, year after year, until they receive notification that some or all of their debt will be cancelled. 

Why not use GoFundMe™
or Venmo™ instead of Aunt Betty?

Using an online payment service does not guarantee that the money you give will actually be used to pay down a student loan of the recipient.  The Aunt Betty Fund verifies both the recipient’s identity and their loan details – and we forward your funds directly to the loan servicer.

Aunt Betty encourages you to ask younger family members about their student loans.  If you don’t, you may never know what big goals they are postponing because of their student loans.  Connect with them by sending a no-commitments invitation through Aunt  Betty. It’s never too late to start a dialogue.