Grants That Help Pay Down Your Student Debt

The Aunt Betty Fund provides need-based grants to help deserving individuals who have postponed life's goals or may be struggling with student debt.

How To Apply for a Grant From Aunt Betty

The Aunt Betty Fund’s grant programs are designed to make an impact on the lives of those saddled with student loans by making direct payments to their loan servicer to reduce their debt burden.

Register Your Account

To apply for one of our grants, first you must register and set up your profile on your secure account dashboard. From there, you can add at least one loan you need help with, select a grant program, and complete your application.

Get Registered

We verify the identity, income, and loan status of all grant applicants

Using several methods, The Aunt Betty Fund will verify the information on your grant application before it is sent to the Selection Committee for review.

An experienced Selection Committee finds the individuals most deserving of support

Each application we receive is reviewed by a committee of experienced nonprofit volunteers to determine which individuals need our aid the most.

Funds are sent to your loan servicer to pay down the debt

If you are selected for an award, the grant funds are sent to your loan servicer to pay down your student loan balance directly.

Our Mission

The Aunt Betty Fund is a nonprofit dedicated to reducing the burden of student debt taken on to pay for higher education. We provide an online platform with innovative programs to steer financial assistance to graduates most in need.

Aunt Betty Fund Grant Programs

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